Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Introducing Star-Frame Music Group




Star-Frame Music Group is a music group based out of Virginia specializing in Hip-Hop and R&B. Star-Frame is an acronym that means “Strong Talent Always Reigns. Forever Remaining. Always Moving Everywhere.” Star-Frame Music Group has been established since 2011. Now, in 2013, there are currently three members in Star-Frame, David "Skit" Rhame, Marlon "MarloBeatz" Fowler, Gregg "djBDS" Whitlock. Between the members, TheAlleGentz Production Team has also been established, providing Star-Frame with an original sound. All members of Star-Frame Music Group are Virginia State University Alumni and met as brothers of VSU’s number one performing arts organization, P.A.N.I.C. 2000 (People Against Negativity Inspiring Creativity 2000). As Star-Frame Music Group, these talented young men aim to be the new mitochondria of today’s and future Hip-Hop.

David "Skit" Rhame from the Bronx, New York moved to Richmond, VA at age 13. What began as an interest in DJ equipment, molded into a lifestyle of production, artistry, and performance. In result of doing music for years, one thing ‘Skit’ has learned is if you need something done, you must do it yourself.  In turn, starting Star-Frame Music Group will create an outlet where the team will become a ‘One Stop Shop’. “All I know is family and music, that's all we have, and I can't compromise either one.”

Marlon "Marlobeatz" Fowler is from Portsmouth, VA. He is 23 yrs old and has been involved with music since he was in the 6th grade. Music has always been apart of "Marlobeatz" life. At Woodrow Wilson High School, he was in the marching band. Now in 2013, he works as a Media Manager at Virginia State University by day and Producer, Artist, and Song Writer of Star-Frame Music Group by night. "I love music, it will always be apart of me, and I will not stop until I am heard by the world.”

Gregg "djBDS" Whitlock, better known as PapiiBDS, is a Pisces, born and raised in East Orange, NJ. Though ‘BDS’ brings several meanings, BDS in ‘DJ BDS’ is short for the Human Broadcast Data System and broadcasting Star-Frame music to the world is what he is doing. Currently located in Virginia, ‘Papii’ serves the music world as ‘Da Mix-Tape PowerHouse’ of 4SHO promo, FLEET DJs, BDSinc., TAKEOVER DJs, DMS Entertainment, and an Executive Producer of Star-Frame Music Group. “The Blessed Don’t Sleep, unless you’re dead, or in jail. Remember I said that sh*t.” 


twitter: @Star_Frame
instagram: @star_framemusic